Our story

We are Michela and Cristiano and we live in Italy, on the Trieste Karst, in a large apartment between the forest and the sea. In 2012 our story began with the NFO’s when, on Christmas Eve, our first Norwegian cat arrived from a cattery in Ferrara: Tatanka. It was a great love, a super emotional and engaging relationship even if it lasted very little … just a few months after our little red lion has been taken away by a rare lymphatic tumor. 

Soon after, two fantastic cats arrive at our home: Thiara and Angel, and we started our hobby of exhibitors and breeders.

Over the years, different cats have joined our family, someone taken in northern Europe, other results of our litters and our selection.

Our cats live with us as components of our family, in a completely safe home, structured in such a way to guarantee them a serene and comfortable life.

Our “breeding style” focuses on the health of our cats and their offspring, excellent socialization and temperament, and last not least high adherence to the breed standard.  We love to participate in cat shows around Europe where our feline “team” has frequently achieved remarkable results and prizes.